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Asset Management

Broad Street's Asset Managers oversee and analyze the overall performance and operations of the asset portfolio to execute the objectives of its clients and partners, and to optimize asset value.

Asset Managers define and execute property-level strategy, which is achieved through the interaction and integration of all Broad Street's divisions. The Asset Managers act as the primary liaison with partners and clients, and are directly involved in acquisitions, portfolio management, financing, dispositions, and property-level decision making.

Asset Management's Role

Acquisitions: Active involvement in underwriting, contract negotiations, due diligence and the closing process. Influence over and execution of initial financing of the asset.

Portfolio Management: Provide oversight of the performance of each asset, update the financial underwriting models, oversee budgeting and expense management, and report the results of operations. Develop annual business plans that highlight future strategy and summarize past performance.

Financing: Primary liaison with the lender. Ensure loan compliance. Advise partners on refinancing and sales options.

Disposition: Advise partners on the optimum time to dispose of an asset. Facilitate the sales process from broker selection to contract negotiations. Deal closing to final analysis of the asset.

Property-Level Decision-Making: Assist in critical decision-making matters regarding leasing, property management, financing, and capital improvements. Implement a leasing strategy that aligns with portfolio strategy.